100 Day Certificate of Deposit

2.00% APY

Minimum to Open: $100,000

Enjoy short-term liquidity while still earning a great return.

Would you or your business buy a long term CD today if you knew the rate might be higher in the future? Many savvy investors are staying short because they’re waiting to lock into higher rates for longer terms in the future.

Our new 100 Day CD is designed for those who believe that we are currently in a rising rate environment. This new account combines a fantastic deposit rate with a term that doesn’t hold your money captive over a long period of time. Particularly popular with businesses and high balance customers is that every dollar deposited at Needham Bank is insured in full, including balances in excess of the FDIC limit.

We’re happy to come to your place of business, home, local coffee shop, or meet you in one of our local offices to open the account for you. We have a team of people eager to help you.

The Annual Percentage Yield stated above is as of June 29, 2018. Minimum balance to obtain the stated APY is $100,000 and rates are subject to change but are guaranteed for the term of your deposit. As with any Certificate of Deposit, fees and early withdrawal penalties could reduce earnings.

Open a 100 Day CD online or by: